RZA Says Wu-Tang 'Never Fully Displayed' Their Power

'I would love for us to go back into a laser-beam focus,' RZA tells MTV News, explaining his vision for reunion project.

Wu-Tang Clan released their fifth album 8 Diagrams in 2007, after the death of Ol' Dirty Bastard, and since then the collective has been focused on their own solo projects. But with the 20th anniversary of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) approaching next year, RZA already has a vision for the perfect reunion album and accompanying shows — if everyone else is down.

Ghostface Killah recently told MTV News that he's recorded tracks that could potentially appear on this reunion album, adding that he's willing to let RZA take the reins. Though the Abbot is currently focusing most of his energy on directing films, he's already given thought to the reunion.

"I think Wu-Tang is an extremely talented group of people, immensely, and knowing the power that we have, I feel like we never fully displayed it," he tells MTV News. "It's always been spurts. It's never been a concentrated laser-beam focus — [except] maybe the first year or two, when it was just me driving that ship — but I think that now it's become more of shotgun effect. It's just scattered, and it hits targets but I would love for us to go back into a laser-beam focus and to put out not only a recording, but [also] a live show that's as entertaining and enhancing as the mind power we give."

RZA stressed that although the group is praised for their lyrical prowess, they've never fully explored their potential as entertainers. "People hear our records and they see movies in their heads, and then they see us on the stage in all different clothes, two guys ain't there and this one got drunk," he said, explaining that in their earliest days he rented studio space so they could properly rehearse and put on solid shows.

"They saw us like a real showcase. It was like a play that I put together and once we got famous that all just disappeared," he continued. "My idea was always to have that play with props, but because we were so underground we never took it to that pop level, to where you have a real stage manager, set design and all of these things that make the entertainment be not only audio but also visual."

While Ghostface has already pledged his allegiance to the reunion project under RZA's guidance, other members like Raekwon have yet to fully jump on board, but things are looking promising. "If life gives us the chance to come together again and do it, I would love to do it in that way, where it's just a spectacular event," RZA concluded. "[It would be] something that after we're done, Vegas may call us and say 'hey, we'll take it for a year,' because entertainment should send you away with stimulation through your ears and your ears, and if you're really good — your soul."

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