'Twilight Saga' Supercut: Watch Everyone Protect Bella Swan

The clumsy teen's safety is all but guaranteed in this hilarious mash-up.

For a seemingly average girl living in the unremarkable logging community of Forks, Washington, Bella Swan sure requires a lot of protecting — a fact we've been recently reminded of thanks to a marathon viewing of the first four "Twilight Saga" films.

And while the newborn vampire will stand valiantly against the villainous Volturi in the film franchise's finale, "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" — hitting theaters November 16 — Bella suffered a lot of close calls along the way that had nothing to do with the ruling vampire class. Indeed, her foes have been many and varied and include a mini-van-driving classmate, a Port Angeles gang, a trio of nomadic vampires and her own two left feet. So you can see why Edward would be worried.

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But, as we already alluded to, the teen has had a Secret Service-level security detail flanking her ever since she caught the bloodsucker's eye (and nose!) in "Twilight." Included in that top-notch team are best friend Jacob Black and his Wolf Pack, the entire Cullen clan and sheriff father Charlie Swan. It truly took a village, you guys.

So, in celebration of the upcoming release of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2," your intrepid MTV News producers have put together a supercut of all the best moments in which Bella's safety reigns supreme. Click play on the video above to relive all the over-protective moments for yourself!