President Obama 'Best Man' For The Job, Supporters Say

'Our community came together and we voted,' one supporter in New York's Times Square tells MTV News.

NEW YORK — With all the excitement surrounding President Obama's re-election, people from across the globe gathered in Times Square to celebrate. While a tight race with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney ran late into Tuesday night, it was ultimately Obama who secured the election.

"I was kind of nervous going into it," 26-year-old Jonathan Monterroso said. "They were saying that everything was going to be very close and it's going to end up on a couple of states, so I'm actually very happy that it turned out to be Barack Obama."

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Also happy with Obama's win were Ohio natives Mariel Tyler, Kathleen Adams and Katherine Tyler, who chanted "O-H-I-O" after hearing that the crucial swing state went to the president.

"Especially as African-Americans, it means a lot to us," 25-year-old Adams said. "Just because the history of our culture, and our people, you know, and not being able to vote and voting laws. The fact is, our community came together and we voted, and Ohio represented and dominated."

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And although a majority of the crowd stuck around after Obama was declared the winner, not everyone milling the streets of midtown were energized by the victory. In fact, 28-year-old Michelle Ferraro said she was disappointed with America's ultimate, since she cast her vote for Romney.

"I think things are probably going to get worse or stay stagnant," Ferraro said. "I don't think there will be much of an increase in jobs, the housing market or the economy."

Nevertheless, Bruno Rigomatti was confident America made the right choice. "I'm from Brazil, so that means I'm not an American citizen," the 20-year-old student told MTV News. "I've been here for two years and I'll be here for at least two more years and plan to work here after graduation, so I was really excited to see that America voted for Obama, because I honestly believe he's the best man to run this country."

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