T.I.'s Gotye Sample 'Bridges The Gap' Between Genres

Tip tells MTV News that Kendrick Lamar and B.o.B joins him on Trouble Man's 'Somebody I Used To Know.'

T.I. has been steadily whittling away at the chunk of songs he recorded for his upcoming eighth album Trouble Man. At this point, he's finally got himself well below 86 after a starting point of roughly 125, and one of those remaining tracks samples Gotye's hit single "Somebody That I Used To Know," with verses from Kendrick Lamar and B.o.B.

What attracted T.I. to the sample? "The record's just jamming," he says, after considering it briefly. "When I heard the twist they put on it, man, it was kind of a no-brainer."

"It sounds like hip-hop with an international twist to it, and I'm known for taking those types of records and bridging that gap between we do and what they do," he explained, dropping in a couple of examples. "From M.I.A.'s 'Paper Planes' to 'Swagga Like Us,' we took [Crystal Waters'] 'Gypsy Woman' for 'Why You Wanna.' "

Over the drum-heavy sample, which will maintain a similar title, "Somebody I Used to Know," Kendrick and Bobby Ray join Tip in sharing some nostalgic stories, which he says reminds him of some of a few renowned MCs and their classic projects.

"[We're] taking turns on our story about a female that we knew years, yeas, years ago before we were who we are today. It kinda puts me in the mind of the 'Da Art Of Storytellin' ' [and The Art of Storytelling] from Outkast and Slick Rick. It puts me in the mind of that."

In addition to Kendrick Lamar and B.o.B, Tip has also tapped A$AP Rocky for his album, not to mention R. Kelly appears on the title track "Trouble Man." Stay tuned for more details on his work with Kells.

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