Mitt Romney 'Doesn't Have Much To Say' In Maino's Mind

'He's talking about how he's gonna get us out of debt, but then he wants to increase the military budget,' Obama supporter tells 'RapFix Live.'

Maino may sing "All of the Above," but when it comes to the November 6 presidential election, there is one clear cut choice for the Brooklyn rapper: Barack Obama.

"I'm following the whole election; I'm following the whole process very closely," Main said when he and his group the Mafia appeared on "RapFix Live" on Wednesday. "This morning, all morning, I'm watching CNN, and I just can't believe they talking about 'Romney may win Florida.' "

The "Hi Hater" MC isn't just blindly picking a candidate; he says he doesn't believe in Mitt Romney's economic vision. "I watched the last debate, and this dude really doesn't have much to say. He's talking about the deficit and how he's gonna even it out and get us out of debt, but then he wants to increase the military budget," he said. "That don't even make no sense."

Main may have his mind made up, but regardless of who you choose, he recognizes the power of weighing in at the polls. "I'm voting, though. Say what you want, I vote. I don't believe in not voting," he said. "People say it doesn't matter; I believe it does. Every vote counts."

"The first time I voted was four years ago for Obama," said Mafia member PUSH! "I was gonna let the day pass, like, 'I'm not voting,' and then I thought, 'This is history. How could I not?' "

Even when "RapFix" fan @HOODLLR tried to stir up a bit of controversy by asking Maino what he felt about the once-controversial Rick Ross and Notorious B.I.G. comparisons, he humorously found a way to steer the conversation back to the elections. "Stop it. Get your mind outta the gutter, man," he urged. Go vote!"

On Friday, MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway will sit down for a 30-minute one-on-one interview with President Barack Obama at 5 p.m. ET (tape delayed PT) for "Ask Obama Live: An MTV Interview With the President," where the president will focus solely on the issues affecting young voters. You can submit your questions for the commander in chief by hitting up the MTV Facebook page.

MTV has also invited Obama's opponent, Mitt Romney, to participate in a similar live special, and hopes to conduct a sit-down interview with him in advance of Election Day on November 6.