From Rihanna To Ellie Goulding: Cassie Breaks Down The Shaved-Head Trend

'I like to see how other young girls remix it,' 'Boys' singer tells MTV News.

Back in 2009, Cassie dominated headlines by making quite the fashion statement: She shaved part of her long locks off for a punk-inspired hairstyle that still managed to remain feminine and sophisticated.

These days there are no shortage of pop stars willing to shear a little of their hair off for the sake of fashion. And, while Cassie may be the unspoken leader of the edgy pack of ladies who are willing to go there, she certainly doesn't want to take all the credit for the trend.

"I think the shaved-head trend is amazing. Definitely wasn't the first ... How many years ago was that? Wow. It was like almost three, maybe three years ago, and I also shaved off the other side [after only having one side initially]. I shaved the other side for Wiz Khalifa's 'Roll Up' video to turn it into a Mohawk," the "Boys" singer told MTV News. "But it's definitely a fun trendsetting hairstyle. Really glad that I guess I made it mainstream is maybe the right word. And it's inspiring. I like to see how other young girls remix it and add color and all of that."

Still going strong with the style three years later, Cassie had a very specific reason for taking it there.

"When I first did it, it was just for a change ... I just wanted to do something for me that kind of set me apart," she said.

Now, however, with so many of her fashionable peers willing to lop off their locks, Cassie can't help but love each and every one of their takes on the look. Everyone including Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Ke$ha, Avril Lavigne, Ellie Goulding and even Miley Cyrus are all sporting some version of the partially bare look.

"I think that everybody did their own rendition of it, and it's cool when you put your own flavor on it," she said. "It's such an extreme hairstyle. It's hard to grow back," she laughed.

But, it seems one of those ladies, "Lights" singer Goulding, is looking to change up her style. "Oh, the hair. Well, I've cut it all off!" she told MTV News earlier this month, before showing off new, shorter locks. "You're seeing it first. So let's not talk about it again!"

Have you tried out the new hair craze? Let us know if you picked up the shears yet in the comments!