'Iron Man 3' Trailer Gets 'Mean' Review From Hip-Hop's Tony Stark

Ghostface Killah reviews the brand-new clip for MTV News while promoting his new Wu-Block album.

When it comes to "Iron Man 3," Ghostface Killah a.k.a hip-hop's Tony Stark, has mixed emotions.

MTV News caught up with the Wu-Tang Clansman in New York for an exclusive listening of his new Wu-Block album, which he recorded with Lox rapper Sheek Louch. After the duo played us the upcoming LP, we showed Ghostdini the brand-new trailer for "Iron Man 3."

"It looks mean," GFK said in reaction to the high-action clip where actor Robert Downey Jr. sees his oceanfront mansion blown up and his collection of Iron Man super-hero suits destroyed. "It looked live though. They blew his house up right? That was his crib? It looks live though, it looks like it's gonna be some sh--," Ghost said.

Even Sheek was hyped. "His performance in 'Avengers' was amazing, he was the n---a in the 'Avengers,' " he said of Downey Jr.'s most famous character.

Even with all of the excitement in the room, the Staten Island swordsman was a bit let down that he wasn't called to contribute to the film's soundtrack. After all, he did title his 1996 debut album, Ironman, in homage of his favorite hero. Beyond that, he also revealed that he is facing a $10 million lawsuit for using sound bites from the "Iron Man" cartoon on his 2000 rap classic Supreme Clientele. Ghost couldn't identify who filed the suit against him, however. "Remember on Supreme Client, we were Tony Stark'd out with the skits, the 'Iron Man' skits and all that sh--. Them n---as comin' for that sh-- after all that time," he said.

Still, the animated rap star maintains that he has a good relationship with the film's star and went on to express what first drew him to the character. "The n---a, he was an alchy — a drunk and a billionaire at the same time. N---a had that money," he said. "One day I just threw on this shirt one day and that was beginning of Tony Starks... It was this cream and burgundy shirt and I was Starks after that."

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