Nicki Minaj And Cassie Team Up To 'Make Fun' Of 'The Boys'

'It's not that we're against the boys; we just wanted to sing about them,' Cassie tells MTV News while breaking down vid.

Cassie was excited to collaborate with Nicki Minaj and director Colin Tilley on the eye-popping video for "The Boys," and the 26-year-old singer and model says she's still pinching herself when she watches the final product.

"I love her verses on this record, she went in," Cassie told MTV News, going on to break down the video frame-by-frame.

When Cassie makes her first appearance in the video, sporting a multicolored blazer, she admits to being distracted by the activity behind her. "This scene was really funny, having the girls in the background roller skating. I looked back and I had no idea that there were there. They were just rolling all over the place. It's so funny."

The pink and white polka-dot room sequence found Nicki and Cassie a bit more stripped down and gave them space to do their thing. "That pink room was a ball because it was two cameras. The both of us, we shot separately and together, and we just got to move around the whole room, so it gave us a lot of freedom, and I think it's really cute."

How about her encounter with the couch shaped like a red lacquered lip? "I remember that couch — the lip couch, I kept falling off of it. It was really funny. I would sit back and would slide down. I couldn't keep myself up."

All parties involved in filming the video had their opportunity to toss around ideas, and Cassie was all about sporting a men's suit with Ken doll-inspired hair. "We didn't really know what we were gonna be wearing until we got to each scene, and I had this idea to wear a suit and do the hair like Ken," she said, laughing. "I don't know how we came up with it, but I was like, 'Colin, can I be counting money? I just wanna mock the boys a little bit.' I think that was the concept for part of my stuff, but I was throwing around real money so I had to be careful."

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As the video comes to an end, we find Nicki rapping in a beauty salon that's up in flames. "I believe Colin came up with that idea because there had to be some sort of ending to the story," Cassie explained. "[Nicki's] taking over, she's re-upping, she's re-loading, so that was just Colin's off-the-wall concept and idea but I love. I've never done a video that's actually felt like pop art when I was on the set. It was really cool."

The only issue Cassie had on the set was remembering to censor herself. "It was so crazy because there were two edits — the clean and the dirty version — and I forgot to sing the clean version every time we went through it, so they had to blank out my middle fingers and all the extra stuff I did. It was so funny."

Overall, it was simply an unforgettable experience. "I'm really glad that we did this. It's such a dope video, and I love when women collab and are all about girl power," she said of working with Minaj. "It's not that we're against the boys; we just wanted to sing about them. And Nicki is so inspiring, I learned so much from her just even being on camera and watching her perform. She's really amazing top to bottom. Every take, she just gives it her all, and that was really dope."

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