Nicki Minaj And Cassie 'Boys' Duet Was 'Long Overdue'

'We actually had been trying to get together for a while,' Cassie tells MTV News about long-in-the-works collabo.

[artist id="3055069"]Nicki Minaj[/artist]'s titillating team-up with [artist id="2335742"]Cassie[/artist] on "The Boys" is the stuff of teenage dreams, a track some two years in the making. And if you thought this song was hot, well, then you should have heard the song the two recorded a few years back — as Cassie explained to MTV News last week.

"It was great working with Nicki on the song. We actually had been trying to get together for a while; we did a record together I want to say maybe two-and-a-half years before this, and it obviously didn't get any play. It was for my album, which I've been working on for years," she laughed. "It was kind of long overdue; we had been talking about it for a while, so it was nice to get together and finally do something, and to also have a visual to it."

So while fans may never get to hear the results of Cassie and Nicki's first pairing (unless, you know, Cass finally gets around to finishing her long-in-the-works sophomore album), "The Boys" is plenty for anyone to handle — and Cassie said she's honored to be included on Minaj's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up ("She's always got amazing records out," she said. "So to be a part of that is really exciting") and to have contributed to the song's eye-catching, candy-colored video.

"The concept of the video was definitely a collaboration. I've known [director] Colin Tilley for a really long time, but I hadn't got to work with him yet, so this was our first time," she said. "He really wants to hear the artists' input and wants to know what we want to do to make the video great. So he came to us with the treatment of us being in a Barbie world, and I wanted to put my little flavor on it, so I was like, 'What if I was Ken?' So Nicki loved the idea, and that's where that stemmed from."

Of course, that collaboration also came with a few occupational hazards — though Cassie not only took them in stride, she made them work with her androgynous, Ken-doll look.

"My personal inspiration behind the look in the blue suit and the graffiti top was 'Ken on steroids.' Or 'Ken inspired by East London punk,' and I think we totally achieved," she laughed. "I actually had paint in my hair, like children's washable paint that hardened, and I freaked out right when we had to wash it out. But we made it into a flattop!"