Tom Hanks Promises 'Red Buttocks Cheeks' To Poll-Skipping Voters

'If you're 18 and you can vote and you don't vote, bend over and drop them,' paddle-wielding 'Cloud Atlas' star says.

"Sixteen days" should be an important figure in your head because not only are there that many days until the 2012 presidential election as of Friday (October 19), that's how many days you have to escape the wrath of Tom Hanks and his ping pong paddle.

Previously, when MTV News spoke with the actor about the upcoming election, he threatened to unleash what has since been dubbed "Spanks from Hanks" upon any non-voters.

"If you don't vote this year, I am going to come to your house and I'm gonna spank you right on the butt," Hanks said at the time. "Do you understand me? Nothing is more important. If you don't vote — that's right, if you don't vote — Hanks is coming to your house to spank you on the butt."

But those are just words, right? Hanks doesn't actually have the ability or the tools to spank anyone who doesn't exercise his or her democratic right.

Or so we thought.

Talking to Hanks again at the "Cloud Atlas" press day, Hanks upped the threat, brandishing a ping-pong paddle to let every potential spankee know that he means business.

"You've got three weeks, and I'm standing by," Hanks warned. "By the way, I've got connections to every one of the States' voter registration rolls. If you're 18 and you can vote and you don't vote, bend over and drop them because you're going to have red buttocks cheeks. I'm not just going to stop at 10 or 12. I'm really going to lay into you."

So not only do you know that Tom Hanks will spank you if you're older than 18 years-old and do not vote, you know exactly what it is he'll spank you with. And while Spanks is on a mission to make sure you cast your ballot on Election Day, we know you'll be tuning in for the last presidential debate of the season, kicking off on Monday, October 22, in Florida. Be sure to check back for coverage as MTV News and hit the ground in Boca Raton for the Obama/Romney face-off.

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