Meet MTV's 'Underemployed' Cast Of Characters!

New scripted series, premiering tonight at 10 p.m. ET, follows post-grad journeys of five friends.

MTV's new series, "Underemployed" picks up one year after five friends have graduated college and embarked on their journey into the real world with big dreams. Unfortunately, it doesn't work out as planned.

Now, the hardships portrayed on "Underemployed" — terrible bosses, unpaid internships and dead-end jobs — weren't just created for good television. On the Tuesday (October 16) series premiere, we will get our first glimpse at the characters, who deal with issues that many twentysomethings know all too well.

Yet, before you tune in tonight at 10 p.m. ET, MTV News wants to introduce you to this relatively unknown cast, who will prove that entering the real world for the first time can be challenging, terrifying but adventurous.

Diego Boneta, Miles

Diego Boneta recently showed off his singing ability in this past summer's flick "Rock of Ages," but his character on "Underemployed," Miles, is more interested in showing off his abs.

"Miles wants to be the face of Calvin Klein, modeling boxer briefs, doing that stuff. That's his thing," Boneta told MTV News. "He's had to learn to survive and struggle in any circumstance and he's always willing to do whatever it takes. He's very easygoing until he falls in love for the first time, and that's a very cool side to the character because you see him being a ladies' man, being a free spirit, and then all of a sudden, he falls in love."

Inbar Lavi, Raviva

Inbar Lavi, who has guest starred on several hit television shows, including "Entourage" and "The Closer," is an aspiring singer, who unexpectedly switches gears into motherhood with her longtime love, Lou.

"Raviva is Lou's lover. She's also a musician," Lavi said. "She has three main struggles that she faces in the first season of 'Underemployed.' Struggle #1 she's head over heels in love with this dude who drives her completely crazy. Struggle #2: she's broke, but not only is she broke, but she refuses to do any job that's not completely related to what she completely wants to do, which is to be a rock star. Third struggle, the coolest one of all, is Rosemary. She becomes a mother, and I think motherhood is rough on anyone, but unexpected motherhood is even rougher."

Jared Kusnitz, Lou

The "Secret Life of the American Teenager" star Jared Kusnitz, takes on the role of Lou, who is based on creator and executive producer David Wright's own son, Louis.

"My character Lou is an environmental design major, so he thinks, fresh out of school, he's going to immediately change the world," Kusnitz said. "Like, 'World, you've been waiting for me. I'm here now. This is it: go time.' And then it's not. It's starting back at the base level."

Michelle Ang, Sophia

New Zealand-born actress Michelle Ang portrays Sophia, a top student in her class who struggles to stay focused on her goals of becoming a writer while she's stuck serving donuts.

"She's the valedictorian. She really, really wants to write. She's a writer. She wants to write a novel, but when we catch up with her a year later, we realize that maybe she's lost for where her inspiration for her first book is going to come from," Ang said. "And she's kinda taken it upon herself to live a little and write from a personal experience, so in this season the viewers will be able to watch Sophia as she challengers herself and learns a lot more about who she is and how she sees the world and then attempts to write about that adventure for herself."

Sarah Habel, Daphne

Up-and-coming actress Sarah Habel plays Daphne, a young woman who dreams of sitting in the corner office, but is currently living at home with her dad as an unpaid intern.

"She is kind of a little bit of a pistol. She is an effervescent, bright-light sunny girl, who has graduated college with the hopes of becoming an advertising executive and she kind of bites the big one and ends up taking an unpaid internship, which is only supposed to be for a couple months," Habel said. "And then it ends up being a year later, and she's still doing all the crap work. So, she is struggling with that challenge, to pay her dues to get the respect she deserves. So she's a modern girl looking for some respect and she has her challenges, things get in the way. She also loves love. She wants to be in love. It's her favorite thing."

The series premiere of "Underemployed" kicks off on Tuesday, October 16, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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