RZA Flexes Kung Fu Muscle In Exclusive 'Man With The Iron Fists' Clip

Wu-Tang Clan mastermind didn't think he could top his time with the hip-hop group, but his directorial debut did just that.

Are you excited about RZA's "The Man with the Iron Fists" yet? If it's not enough to know that the Wu-Tang mastermind decided to make his directing debut with a full-blown martial arts smack-down about a blacksmith set in feudal China, or the fact that the soundtrack is loaded with star power like Kanye West's "White Dress" and the RZA/ Black Keys collab "The Baddest Man Alive," perhaps we can further interest you in a brand-new exclusive clip from the film.

RZA introduces the two-minute teaser by stating the role martial arts played in his life and how his mentorship with director Quentin Tarantino helped make the film possible. We also see behind-the-scenes footage of RZA working with Tarantino and writer/director Eli Roth, who helped RZA write the screenplay for "Fists," along with teaser shots of the film's stars Lucy Liu and Russell Crowe. There's a Tarantino-esque style in some of the scenes that will be familiar to anyone who has seen "Kill Bill," but RZA maintains he's put his own stamp on the genre, which includes an original soundtrack that he calls a "blend of hip-hop and classic soul."

"My main thing is to have fun," RZA says of the atmosphere he tried to create on set, as well as the vibe he wanted to convey with the music. "I've been loving it. As I watch it, you're grooving."

RZA keeps us grooving throughout the clip by showcasing a few of the intense action scenes we'll soon see in full in "Fists," which involve complex martial arts and dangerous weapons. He closes things out by admitting that he thought he had already reached the pinnacle of success with his work with the Wu-Tang Clan and its impact on the music industry.

"I didn't think I could top that," he says. "I have topped it."

"The Man with the Iron Fists" arrives in theaters November 2.

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