Justin Bieber Hair Wasn't What Ben Affleck Was Going For In 'Argo'

'The beard is now back in big way,' actor describes his new '70s look to MTV News.

If you've heard anything about the new movie "Argo," directed by and starring Ben Affleck, along with several other A-list actors like Bryan Cranston, John Goodman and Alan Arkin, it is likely the early awards buzz and/or the fact that the film is based on and revolves around an incredible real event in history. And in the midst of all the highbrow commentary about the film, we can't ignore the fact that there's another related topic to address: All the glorious overgrown '70s hair, which, according to Affleck, had people telling him he was trying to be Justin Bieber.

"Kids do love the hair. That hair is kind of coming back," Affleck told MTV News recently. "When I first started growing out the hairdo, in all the magazines, it was like, 'Ben Affleck is trying to have Justin Bieber's hair.' I had to go and look it up, 'What does Justin Bieber's hair look like? That's not '70s. That would f--- up the whole thing.' It was not Justin Bieber's hair, though I had to grow it out a bit to get past that and get into Kurt Russell 1980 "Escape From New York" vibe; also, the beard," he explained. "The beard is now back in big way. Everyone has a beard and the mustache, the plain old porn mustache, the irony or Williamsburg-style mustache [is back]. If you can grow a mustache or beard, you grow it."

Whether Affleck was going for sophisticated shag or the Kurt Russell 'do, his look definitely had an impact on his co-stars.

"It was very groovy," said John Goodman.

"Ben's hair looked like a mop to me," said Bryan Cranston. "Like after you've cleaned the kitchen floor you take it off and put it on his head, it was going everywhere. It was unruly."

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