Jay Electronica, Ryan Leslie Had 'Crazy' Recording Session On England Farm

'I mean it was just a crazy experience,' R. Les tells 'RapFix Live' about hooking up with the Roc Nation MC.

Jay Electronica is an elusive fellow. His official debut album Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) has been in limbo for a couple years with no release date in sight, but Ryan Leslie has heard it and is quite excited about the Roc Nation MC's work.

"I think that his album is really incredible," R. Les said of Act II when he appeared on Wednesday's "RapFix Live."

Leslie hooked up with Jay Elec like how most artists hook up these days, through social media. "He found me. He found me on Twitter," Ryan said. "I responded to the tweet and next thing you know, I was out on a farm in England and that's where he was recording."

The "Diamond Girl" singer secured a verse from Jay for his Les is More LP which will be out on October 22. While most artists use email and computer technology to record collaborations separately, Leslie and Elec vibed in the studio together. "We collaborated, I put some things down and worked on some music and some hooks. Next thing you know, I was spitting a verse to him of some things that I was working on," he said of their session. "We were in the booth; it seemed like a cypher in the booth. I mean it was just a crazy experience."

For Les Is More, the singer/songwriter switched up and went into full rap mode, electing to spit his rhyme rather than sing verses. To aid him in his mission, he recruited guest stars Fabolous, Young Jeezy and, of course, Jay Electronica. Leslie also revealed that he worked with Raekwon for the album, but he is currently having trouble clearing the Jackson 5 sample on the song. If the Chef collab doesn't end up on Les is More, it's possible it can end up on Leslie's planned sequel. "Les is More 2: Les is Even More, is about to drop in March," he revealed. "I'm recording the second portion of my album in Northern Africa."

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