'Good Day To Die Hard' Teaser Trailer: Five Key Scenes

Explosive teaser for the fifth entry in the series finds Detective John McClane kicking ass on a whole new continent.

After five years away, Detective John McClane is back, but this time he's kicking ass on an entirely different continent. "A Good Day to Die Hard" takes McClane all the way to Russia to rescue his son, and the first teaser for the fifth film in the series just debuted over at Yahoo! Movies.

We've gone frame-by-frame through every second of the clip to bring you the five key scenes.

McClane's Back

Now here's something we haven't seen in a while: Not only is Willis back in full John McClane mode, he's actually smiling. That's how you know this is a "Die Hard" movie. While Wills has never strayed too far from the action-oriented roles that made him a star, the humor of McClane has disappeared for the most part. But if a happy Bruce Willis isn't enough nostalgia for you, there's Beethoven's "Ode to Joy," which was also featured on the original film's soundtrack.

Father and Son

The biggest addition to the "Die Hard" series this time around has to be Jai Courtney, who plays John McClane Jr. (aka Jack). The younger McClane acts as the catalyst for the action this time around. After his son is arrested in Russia, John McClane Sr. heads to Moscow, only to get caught up in — you guessed it — a terrorist plot.

The Car Chase

Since there's a terrorist plot, naturally we're going to get all of the major hallmarks of a "Die Hard" movie, including what looks to be a massive car chase. It's difficult to piece together from the fast cuts of the preview, but it looks like an armored truck and a rocket are involved in what's sure to be a big, explosive action sequence.

007 of Plainfield, New Jersey

A smiling John McClane is one thing, but what the action hero is really about are the zingers. The only line of dialogue in the whole trailer comes at the end, when Willis pulls out that old McClane charm and quips, "007 of Plainfield, New Jersey." Maybe a fish-out-of-water "Die Hard" isn't such a bad idea after all.

The Big Fall

The fireworks at the end come as we fall with John and John through a glass window and into a pool of water. We're definitely getting the feeling from this short teaser that we're looking at more of a follow-up to "Live Free or Die Hard," rather than a throwback to the first three.

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