Mariah Carey Said 'Idol' Feud Made Her Hire More Bodyguards

Carey tells Barbara Walters that the MC was 'unpredictable' and that she has yet to apologize.

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey may have played nice at "American Idol" auditions on Wednesday, but one day later, the claws were out again after Carey finally addressed Tuesday's heated argument in Charlotte.

Carey opened up to Barbara Walters about the highly publicized exchange in a phone conversation early Thursday (October 4). The talk show host later relayed the conversation on "The View." According to Walters, Carey said that "Nicki walked off the set, multiple people heard Nicki say, 'If I had a gun I would shoot the bitch.' Nicki is unpredictable." (Producer Nigel Lythgoe has denied that Minaj threatened Carey in any way in a statement to TMZ.)

Walters continued, "Mariah says she can't take a chance and she has hired extra security. Nicki has not apologized, but they have since been at meetings with producers and judges." After a meeting on Wednesday, Minaj expressed her love for Carey but did warn that a future argument was not out of the picture. Walters added, "Mariah responded, 'No, we will not.' "

However, only 24 hours before, all four judges did make it through Wednesday's taping without any further incidents. According to E! both Randy and Keith arrived to the show and did some interviews outside the venue. Minaj was the next to show up. She greeted fans before heading inside. Carey arrived ten minutes later and waved to the folks waiting outside before she went inside to sit at the judge's table.

According to another report, sources tell TMZ that inside, Carey and Minaj were "peaceful and professional" after their incident. The source adds that the leaked footage of their fight left everyone "embarrassed" and that it "shocked everyone back into place." And while sources are saying that Nicki felt like producers of the show may have aided in "fueling" the exchange, others add that it is simply untrue since they too were also caught off-guard by the fight and only wanted things to settle down for Wednesday's round of auditions.

After the auditions wrapped up, producer Lythgoe opened up about it on Twitter, never directly addressing the drama that had unfolded there. "North Carolina provided us with some thrills, spills and wonderful talent," he said, tweeting out a photo of Minaj holding a young fan.

The judges are slated to judge talent in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, next.

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