Watch The Throne Tracks Lost With Ryan Leslie's Laptop

On Wednesday's 'RapFix Live,' R. Les relives the 2010 incident that lost him tracks from WTT and Les Is More.

Anyone who's ever lost a computer knows the hassle that comes with trying to recover lost data. And while replacing lost pictures, MP3s and contacts can be a pain, Ryan Leslie lost all that and more when his laptop went missing back in 2010.

"There were records that I was working on, multi-tracks that I had for the Watch the Throne album," R. Les said on Wednesday when he appeared on Wednesday's "RapFix Live." "If you read the credits for Watch the Throne, I'm not on that album. And obviously my album isn't on there."

Back in November 2010, the singer/producer revealed that his computer was stolen while he was out in Germany. Desperate to reclaim the work that he'd lost, Leslie offered a million-dollar reward, but when he got his computer, the hard drive was corrupted and all of his works in progress were lost. Because he never recovered his data and intellectual property, Leslie declined to pay the million-dollar reward to Armin Augstein, the German man who returned the laptop. Now the singer is being sued in a trial that is scheduled to start on October 22.

It took R. Les some time, but he was eventually able to recreate the lost songs for his upcoming Les is More LP (October 22) as well as his WTT collabos with Kanye West and Jay-Z. "As far as those lost [tracks], I talked to 'Ye about it, I said, 'Yo man, what can we do about this,' " Ryan said of hoping to land some of those Yeezy tracks on his own project. "He said, 'Yo Ryan, don't worry about it.' He's always working on new stuff and I think that you will be able to hear some of those collaborations on some future projects."

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