'The Voice' Contestants Let Originality Shine As Blind Auditions Continue

Cee Lo Green acquires a YouTube sensation and a child prodigy as the judges continue to build their teams.

Day four of blind auditions proved that anything can happen on "The Voice." While judges Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton took in some great talent, it was Cee Lo Green's night to shine.

Originality was the essence of the night's blind auditions, with many of the hopefuls stunning the judges with their unique twists on popular songs. From the husband-wife duo who took on Katy Perry's "E.T." to a former alcoholic who gave a folky version of "Stand by Me," individualism ran through the contestant's veins.

Here are the ones that stuck out:

The 'Ugly Duckling' Shines

It's usually the most unique voices that open the hit singing competition show, so it was fitting when Melanie Martinez, a self-proclaimed "ugly duckling" hit the stage with an eclectic rendition of Britney Spears' "Toxic." The battle began early as Levine, Green and Shelton all vied for the oddball star. Levine compared her to Bjork, while Shelton countered by highlighting her originality. "I want someone to have creative vision," Levine said, which seemed to have won over the conceptual artist.

Viral Miss

The Internet has made everyone a potential superstar. But some who find viral success don't find the same success in the industry. Unfortunately, this was the case for one-hit wonder Cupid. You might know his viral hit the "Cupid Shuffle" — he sold two millions copies of it. And when he took the stage on "The Voice," he chose to sing his signature track. Awkward, right? The judges agreed: Cupid missed his arrow.

Viral Hit

The arrow did strike for Alaskan YouTube star JR Aquino. Accumulating more than 45 million views, Aquino is one of the top 100 most popular artists on YouTube. When he nailed Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are," he had all four judges clamoring to have him on their team. "What got me is your pitch," Aguilera said. Levine was more confident in his tactic, "When you pick me, it'll be a smart choice." But, in a surprising turn of events, Green emerged the victor.

The One That Got Away

The judges don't always get it right, and Agina Alvarez is one such example. The soft-spoken young woman somehow belted an alto rendition of "Turn It Upside Down" that threw the judges for such a loop that they didn't push their buttons. When they turned around and saw the pretty package they let go, they knew they messed up. "I'm embarrassed for all four of us right now," Shelton said to the dejected singer. While the mentors all expressed their regret, Alvarez was forced back to her job of folding towels, at least until next year.

"Golden Child"

Once in a blue moon, a prodigy is born. And Monday night on "The Voice," we met 16-year-old Avery Wilson. The dancer turned singer had never had a singing lesson in his life when he blew the judges and the audience off their feet. And from there, the accolades began: "That was the most spirited response we've heard from this entire process," Levine said, "I'm astonished." "You really can't teach that," Aguilera added in marvel. Shelton was also floored saying, "Thank you for breathing life into the day." But Green put it best: "You deserve to be on this show, you deserve to be heard, you deserve to be a star." And Wilson endowed Green with the honor of mentoring him, which surprised the Goodie Mob vet, as much as the rest of us.

The tally so far leaves Levine and Aguilera with nine artists each, and Green and Shelton with seven. Another round of blind auditions will take place tonight as the judges push to build their 16-member teams.

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