Lil Wayne Gushes Pride For 2 Chainz's VMA Performance

'It's like watching your child up there,' Wayne says of Deuce's debut VMA performance.

Lil Wayne returned to the VMAs stage for the second year in a row on Thursday night, but while his performance was a repeat act, it was a first for 2 Chainz, who made his debut alongside the YMCMB ringleader. Wayne said he was very proud to have the Atlanta rapper by his side.

After Weezy survived a stage dive into the crowd, MTV News caught up with him backstage, still with skateboard in hand. He admitted that it was his first time actually attempting a stage dive and he seemed to be exhilarated by the experience. "That was my first time doing that," he said, catching his breath. "I'm trying to get better every day."

2 Chainz opened up the two-song performance with Based on a T.R.U. Story's "Yuck," and Weezy soon joined in to spit his verse on the track. Chainz also stuck around while Wayne performed his Dedication 4 cut "No Worries," getting a little inventive with Wayne's skateboard and using it to slide across the stage.

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"That's my best friend, that's my homie from back in the day," Wayne said gushing about 2 Chainz after the performance. "It's almost like — I don't wanna say it, it seem crazy when I say it, but it's like watching your child up there. It feels too good; it's a weird feeling."

2 Chainz probably wouldn't think it was that weird. A few weeks back Nicki Minaj told MTV News that Lil Wayne feels the same way about her and Drake, proudly looking on while their careers skyrocket. "It's like having a strict parent and when you no longer have it [you] kinda want that," she said. "I told him, 'I miss when you would lecture me and tell me to keep on my grind and do this do and do that — where's the love?' "

"He's just sitting back watching and seeing the fruits of his labor," she added. See? 2 Chainz is just a part of the family.

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