Fun. Want To Kiss 'All' The Girls At The VMAs

'I would be cool if ... Pink, Alicia Keys and Rihanna were to kiss me,' says guitarist Jack Antonoff.

LOS ANGELES — They know it sounds corny and a million people have said it before them, but "We Are Young" trio Fun. really are just honored to be nominated for two moonmen at Thursday's 2012 MTV Video Music Awards.

"Not to be brown nosers, but we're still giddy about this whole MTV thing, [because] it's something that we grew up [with]," singer Nate Ruess told MTV News on Wednesday about the band's excitement for their nominations in the Best new Artist and Best Pop Video categories. "It's not even about the current artists for us, it's just about somehow being invited to this party that we would have never in a million years ... we wouldn't have invited ourselves to, that's for sure."

They may be newbies, but Ruess and bandmates guitarist Jack Antonoff and keyboard player Andrew Dost know the value of acting like you've been there before. But they're also pretty excited about the stellar array of female power players who will be in the house on Thursday night.

"I think we're all pretty jacked about who's performing at the VMAs," said Ruess. "Alicia Keys, Pink ... super into Pink." Antonoff added that he's also looking forward to seeing Rihanna, who will perform with A$AP Rocky and Calvin Harris.

"It's like a crazy female-dominated and those three alone are five of my favorite pop musicians," Ruess said.

Antonoff, who MTV News recently learned has had experience kissing the famous girls at VMAs past (we're looking at you, Fiona Apple), added, "I would like someone to lay it on me. I wouldn't like to lay it on anyone else. I'm more passive than that. I think it would be cool if all three of the women I just named -- Pink, Alicia Keys and Rihanna -- were to kiss me at the same time on different parts of the face."

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Ruess, though, thought he could up that ante, suggesting that the capper would be introducing Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep into the triple-kiss mix. But only if she was in character as late cooking doyenne Julia Child from "Julie and Julia," but in Child's undead, zombie state.

"It would be cool if Pink, Rihanna and Alicia Keys were all going in for the kiss and then the corpse of Julia Child just knocked them out of the way and gave me a big, dead corpse kiss," said Antonoff.

Asked to handicap their chances against fellow Best New Artist nominees Carly Rae Jepsen, The Wanted, One Direction and Frank Ocean, Dost summed them up in one word: "slim."

"I think that's a pretty amazing crop of artists," he said. "It may be cliché to say, but I think the whole honor kind of stops at the nomination and then whatever happens, happens," added Antonoff. "Especially about Frankie [Ocean]. Do people call him Frankie?"

"I do ... now," said Dost.

Ruess said if they do win, he'll be ecstatic, mostly because it will mean that soft-spoken Dost will get a chance to walk up on stage and have a shining moment. "Unless One Direction sends you up there to accept an award [on their behalf]," he laughed.

"I would accept an award on behalf of One Direction," Dost said proudly. "But I'd love it if you fell on your face," Nate teased.

Antonoff thought it would be cool if each category nominated someone to accept on behalf of that group. And given his druthers, that person for Best New Artist would be Dost, no matter who wins. "Then you could be Carly Rae, you could be One Direction," he said. "You could be Frankie ... I just want to see you up there."