Taylor Swift's 'Never Ever' Ex-Boyfriend Is Used To Stripping On Set

Noah Mills tells MTV News that he had no problem starring in Declan Whitebloom-directed video.

If you've got Taylor Swift's latest single, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" stuck in your head, don't expect it to leave anytime soon, particularly now that we have an equally engaging and whimsical music video to ingrain it deeper.

In addition to the video's catchy, quirky, colorful qualities, one thing we couldn't help but fixate on was Swift's love interest — or ex-love interest in this case — played by the very charming, tall, dark and handsome Noah Mills.

MTV News was lucky enough to catch up with the model-turned-actor recently to get some inside scoop on making the video with Swift.

"When I met her and then [director Declan Whitebloom], they very much have this [shorthand]. They like to keep it light and jokey," he explained. "It's really smart, really witty and really quick. It was one take for the whole video, and then they had the band in those animal outfits which they were stoked about. They pitched the idea, and I understood it. The inspiration is pretty obvious."

When asked for his opinion on the quick costume changes that Swift described, Mills admitted that he had it easier because all he had to do was change shirts. And not only that, but Mills has plenty of experience with the quick-change trick, thanks to his work in fashion shows.

"Yeah they kept bringing that up: 'This is like backstage at a runway show, right?' And yeah, there are some similarities," he said.

Mills went on to say that he enjoyed creating his character via Swift's very descriptive lyrics. For example, Taylor sings, "And you would hide away and find your peace of mind with some indie record that's much cooler than mine."

"You hear what the lyrics are saying and think, 'Okay, if you're talking about this album you're listening to that's cooler than mine, I know that I'm listening to some album and subliminally sending some messages that I'm not in love with your music,' so you pick that up and as the character you play it," Mills said.

With direction from Whitebloom and playing along with Swift, the actor said it was easy to adjust to his role.

"Declan would come up and say 'You're paying attention to the girl at the bar too much. It's coming off a little too sleazy,' " he laughed. "So you back off and play with the different emotions and different scenarios. The argument in the car, [Taylor] was like, 'Let's just argue,' so she's yelling at me, and I'm yelling at back at her, and then she jumps out of the car and sings a line of the song. You mark it and you shoot."

So did Mills do any singing on set along with Swift?

"No. There was no singing from me," he said. "Maybe some rapping."

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