Selena Gomez's 'Spring Breakers' Clip: 'Everybody's Miserable'

Former Disney star shows a new, darker side in a new clip from the Harmony Korine-directed flick.

Up until "Spring Breakers," fans have seen Selena Gomez in mostly light-hearted tween fare, including her star-making role on the Disney series "The Wizards of Waverly Place" and romps like "Monte Carlo." But from the looks of a brand-new clip from her upcoming "Spring Breakers," set to make its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, the young star is taking on a whole new role.

While Vanessa Hudgens uses her fingers as a gun and shoots at fake targets in the room, Gomez shows a side we've never seen before in a sullen monologue about the monotony of her everyday life.

"I'm so tired of seeing the same things every single day," Gomez says as she sits next to Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine in what appears to be a jail cell. "Everybody's miserable here because everybody sees the same things. They wake up in the same bed, the same houses, the same depressing street lights. One gas station. The grass, it's not even green; it's brown. Everything's the same and everyone's just sad."

The film was directed by Harmony Korine and will hit theaters next year. It follows the four friends as they head to Florida for spring break. Soon, they find themselves behind bars after robbing a restaurant and being arrested on drug charges. Enter local criminal Alien (played by a corn-rowed James Franco), who bails them out and befriends them.

"People will be a little shocked, I think. I'm a little nervous about it, but honestly, it's a right step for me, I'm really proud of it," Gomez said earlier this summer, adding, "I think as an actress it really challenged me. All of the other actresses are also trying to prove themselves, so it was just really, really fun."

As for Alien's Kevin Federline-esque appearance, Franco explained, "That's a character that Harmony and I have been talking about for over a year. Harmony is one of the best researchers that I know, and we just went through a series of looks. You know, people have said, like, K-Fed or Riff-Raff, but that character really is kind of an amalgamation of a lot of different people and inspirations."

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