DJ Khaled Can Get Kanye West For A Song, But You Can't

'There's nobody in this music business who can do what I do and that's why that album is called Kiss the Ring,' DJ Khaled boasts to MTV News

DJ Khaled is a man of many talents. Not only does he spin records, the YMCMB disc jock serves as an executive for Def Jam, produces and occasionally raps. One of Khaled's biggest talents, however, is ability to connect with people — high-powered and talented people.

"You can't get Kanye West for a song. There's nobody in this music business who can do what I do and that's why that album is called Kiss the Ring," Khaled boasted to MTV News on August 21, the same day that he released his sixth studio album.

Who else can wrangle T-Pain, Ludacris, Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg for "All I do is Win" or Lil Wayne and Drake for "I'm On One"? Khaled's latest single "I Wish You Would" pairs Rozay and Yeezy over a Hit-Boy track. While others may find difficulty in the politics of grouping such big name guests, the charismatic DJ does it with ease.

"First of all Kanye's my friend that I've known for a long time ... from my first album," he said. "He salutes my talents and I work with him in the studio a lot and Ross, you already know our grind and our story from day one."

Khaled and Kanye have worked together many times before, first on the DJ's 2006 "Grammy Family" track and then again two years later on "Go Hard." Khaled helped put together Yeezy's "Cold" single earlier this year, but "I Wish You Would" is different from all of their previous collaborations, this one has a harder edge. On it 'Ye rhymes aggressively about the frustrations of the hood, a far cry from all the regal talk he gave us on he and Jay-Z's 2011 masterpiece album Watch the Throne.

"When I put Ross and Kanye on a record, I did that because I know people can't get that and if they did get it, it wasn't a record like that," he said. "I wanted to put those two amazing mega stars on a record and talk that talk."

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