Brandy Yearns For Frank Ocean Album Feature

'He's an amazing artist with an amazing tone and voice,' Brandy tells MTV News about Two Eleven contributor Ocean.

Brandy enlisted a few of her favorite producers to work on her upcoming album Two Eleven, including Sean Garrett, Rico Love and Bangladesh, but she also tapped one of the best songwriters in the game: Mr. Frank Ocean.

Brandy tells MTV News that although Ocean contributed to this album and 2008's Human, she would've loved to have an actual feature from him on the project, as well.

"He's an amazing artist, [with an] amazing tone and amazing voice," she said. "I had the pleasure of meeting him before everybody else met him, so I had a chance to work with him on my last [album], as well as this one. It's always great working with Frank Ocean and he's actually a dear friend of mine."

Ocean is credited with penning the new track, "Scared of Beautiful," a smooth ballad that will appear alongside some more upbeat cuts.

"I wanted to do an album that's not only rooted in R&B but an album that had edge and grit at the same time and [good] lyrical content," Brandy explained. "An album that really expresses the things I've gone through, as well as what I've seen other people go through."

The final product is intended to fully represent Brandy as an evolving artist, and she had some help making sure that goal was achieved.

"To me, it's all about the vibe and working with genius[es] like Sean Garrett and Bangladesh. That was such an organic connection for me," she said. "Sean Garrett really got me as an artist, but he also wanted to try different things, and at the same time, stay as melodic as some of my music in the past."

And part of Brandy's evolution includes dipping her toes into some hip-hop.

"Bangladesh really wanted to bring a hip-hop element to my music, and I actually love hip-hop more than anything," Brandy said. "So to bring what I love into what I do, it was just a great connection that we all had — Jim Jonsin, Ester Dean and Rico Love who took care of most of the ballads on the album."

Brandy's sixth album Two Eleven is due on October 16, led by the Chris Brown-featured single "Put It Down."

"Everyone's calling this a comeback album for me, so I wanted it to be consistent and represent me in the best way possible," she said.

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