Nicki Minaj On 'American Idol': 'Epic' Or A Mistake?

Fans of the MC and the show have mixed reactions about the rumors.

We're still waiting for official word about Nicki Minaj joining the "American Idol" judges panel, but if rumors and insider sources are to be believed, Minaj will be adding spice, style and her hip-hop sensibilities to the 12th season of the reality singing competition.

Meanwhile, the rumors have "Idol" viewers and Minaj fans in a frenzy, with reactions ranging from super excited and supportive to confused and skeptical.

"This is cool!!" wrote MTV News reader William Osmar. "I love you Nicki Minaj!!"

"Yes she should!!!! She is awesome!" added Arianna Parsons. "Best female rapper! Bet she can beat you in a rapping contest!"

Fellow fan Chelsea Reyna summarized the news in four words (and one emoticon): "This would be epic :)"

Not everyone is 100 percent sold on the idea, though. "She's alright I guess," Zac Olsen commented.

"Like her music, but I don't think she should be a judge," Alekz Estrada added.

Andrea Kenyon was one of several "Idol" fans who said they'd check out if Minaj joined the show. "I hope not," Kenyon said. "I won't be watching anymore if she becomes a judge."

A few fans who were less-than-excited about the news offered their own constructive suggestions for other artists the show should consider hiring over Minaj.

"How about Wiz Khalifa?" Jacob Smith suggested.

"I would go for Lil Kim being a judge b4 [Nicki]," Marlon Moore added.

The issue seems like a divisive one thus far, but plenty of fans are ready to embrace the news and encouraged others to do the same.

"The super-talented and fun-lovin' Nicki Minaj! Some people (most of the [commenters] above it seems) just don't have a clue!" Sean McCarthy said.

"You should never judge a book by its cover," Anna Marie Miller advised. "We need inspiring people like her as help to inspire others to go for that extra mile and reach for their goal. Why not? She is great and different and I would love her opinions on others."

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