Pauly D Has 'Fingers Crossed' For Britney Spears Collabo

'I got a perfect song for her. If that happens, that's a wrap,' Pauly D tells MTV News of finishing debut album with Spears.

HERSHEY, Pennsylvania — He's a reality star, one of the highest-paid DJs and he's got 50 Cent backing his debut album. It's not so bad to be Pauly D — especially with a possible collaboration with Britney Spears on the horizon.

"I'm trying to get her to do a song. I've got my fingers crossed," Pauly D told MTV News at the first-ever MixTape Festival at Hershey Stadium. "It's 50/50. It's tough, but I got a perfect song for her. If that happens, that's a wrap."

And it's not just wishful thinking on his part. Pauly D, who opened for the singer during several stops of her 2011 Femme Fatale tour, revealed that the new "X Factor" judge has, in fact, listened to the potential track for on his new album.

" 'I'll listen to it,' " Pauly D said she told him during a phone conversation. "And then she listened to it ... she likes it. She'll let me know."

While he's still waiting to hear back from Spears, Pauly D is going full steam ahead with several other collaborations for his album, which he describes as a mix between a David Guetta and DJ Khaled.

"Big Sean, I was in the studio with him a couple weeks ago," Pauly D said. "I'm going to be in the studio at the end of the month with Jay Sean and then a few others I can't mention."

Pauly D may have to pinch himself for working with some of the biggest artists in music, but it seems they are just as excited to get in the studio with him as well.

"It's a little intimidating, but what's comforting is that when I get into the studio with them they are like fans of me," Pauly D said. "They are like 'we love you', it's like they know me. It's crazy for me because I played their music my whole life and now they know who I am and now they're working with me."

And he owes it all to his friend, and mentor, 50 Cent. Fiddy inked the G-Unit deal with the reality star late last year and the two have been hard at work on his solo debut ever since.

"He just told me that I'm down the right path. He told me that he's staying near me because that's where the heat is. He's keeping warm," Pauly D said, laughing. "But he also said, basically, be yourself and don't ever change that."

But before we hear Pauly's new album, we will see him on the sixth season of "Jersey Shore," which kicks off Thursday, October 4.

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