'Hunger Games' DVD Viewing Party: Foxface Has Tips!

As the dystopian drama drops on DVD and Blu-ray on Saturday, Hobnobbing hits up actress Jackie Emerson for party-planning ideas.

Famished fans will have something to bite into come Saturday when the dystopian drama "The Hunger Games" hits DVD and Blu-ray, boasting a cornucopia of behind-the-scenes footage and special featurettes (even the stars learned a thing or two!).

If you're a frequent (or even semi-frequent) reader of this column we like to call Hobnobbing, you know we'll find any excuse to throw a "Hunger Games"-themed party. So when we got on the phone recently with actress Jackie Emerson (also known as District 5 tribute Foxface), we asked for her DVD/Blu-ray viewing party essentials.

"Popcorn!" Emerson exclaimed, gathering herself and continuing: "If you have food, arrange it in really weird futuristic ways, or dye the popcorn blue."

Cool, we get it. You really like popcorn, Jackie. We'll stock up. But what should we do at the party besides, you know, watch the movie?

"Costume contest! People get so creative, that's what I've found at the conventions and stuff," Emerson explained. "There was this one girl who had an entire Katniss interview outfit. She made it! I was like, that's ridiculous. If I tried to make that, it would look like a sack — me and sewing needles don't go together."

And for an added bit of amusement, Emerson suggested separating your partygoers into districts. "We actually did the Hunger Games at my school before I got cast," she recalled. "And we did a big competition throughout the school, and I was in District 6. We would all compete and whatever team got the most points won the Hunger Games, and we won."

As for Emerson's night-of-release plans, she won't be attending any of the midnight parties hosted by retailers around the country. That's because she's resting her vocal cords for a big performance of her song "Peter Pan" the next day in Pasadena at a Rickie Lee Jones concert.

May the odds be ever in your favor, Jackie!

Are you throwing a viewing party for "The Hunger Games" DVD/Blu-ray? Sound off in the comments below and tweet me @amymwilk with your thoughts and suggestions for future columns!

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