'Catching Fire': Finnick Is Just One Casting Mystery

Following a heavy week of casting for 'Hunger Games' sequel, Hobnobbing looks at who is left to reap.

There's no denying that "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" is heating up. In the past eight days alone, four tributes have been reaped for the sequel's highly anticipated Quarter Quell. There's District 4 octogenarian Mags (Lynn Cohen), District 2's toothy Enobaria (Meta Golding), District 2's vicious Brutus (Bruno Gunn) and District 1's gorgeous Gloss (Alan Ritchson).

However, don't be fooled by this flurry of casting activity: We still have a ways to go before Panem's populace is complete.

To wit, we've compiled something of a call sheet for the remaining characters to be cast before production begins this fall. May the odds be in all of our favors:

Named Tributes

Cashmere, District 1: The blond bombshell of the Quarter Quell has a close alliance with her fellow tribute from the well-to-do region — probably because he's her brother.

Beetee, District 3: Nicknamed "Volts" thanks to his prowess with all things powered, this male tribute keeps close watch over his eccentric ally Wiress.

Finnick, District 4: Undoubtedly the most anticipating casting of the follow-up, Finnick is a bronzed babe revered for his godlike looks and affable charm. Just about every actor under the age of 30 has been rumored to be in the running for this plum role, but the most recent chatter indicates the part will likely go to "Snow White and the Huntsman" actor Sam Claflin.

Blight, District 7: Johanna Mason's male counterpart is so disinterested with being reaped for the Quarter Quell that he doesn't even show up for training.

Cecelia and Woof, District 8: NBC could make one hell of a tear-jerking human-interest story out of these two. Cecelia is a mother of three while Woof is the oldest tribute in the 75th Games, save for Mags.

Chaff and Seeder, District 11: Chaff is basically the Haymitch of his district (read: heavy consumer of alcohol) and he also has the added impediment of a missing hand. His female counterpart, Seeder, bonds with Katniss over former District 11 tributes Rue and Thresh.

Unnamed Tributes

This subhead could also read "People Who Die So Fast You Wouldn't Even Be Able to Pick Them Out of a Lineup." Expect the male and female tributes from Districts 5, 9 and 10 to get very little screen time. Then again, they do get the privilege of putting "Died in 'Catching Fire' " on their CVs, so there is that.

Panem Peers

Here's where things get tricky. According to the "Hunger Games" casting page, there's only one yet-identified character slot left to fill beyond the tributes listed above. But if you've read Suzanne Collins' source material, you know there are plenty of other supporting players wandering the districts.

It's probable that, much like Gary Ross before him, director Francis Lawrence will cut minor characters to streamline the film's plot. To wit, our friends at the fan site Victors Village posted a speculative piece Wednesday, wondering whose faces we won't see in the follow-up. Rumors have been swirling about the inclusion of at least one character: the unforgiving Head Peacekeeper Romulus Thread, who beats Gale to a bloody pulp. (Variety reported that "Sons of Anarchy" actor Patrick St. Esprit was in talks.) Beyond that, well, maybe we should put in a call to Greasy Sae's Psychic Hotline.

Will Finnick's girlfriend, Annie Cresta, make an appearance? How about Peacekeeper Darius? Or Gale's family? Stick with MTV News as this story develops ...

Which characters are you eagerly awaiting to be cast? Sound off in the comments below and tweet me @amymwilk with your thoughts and suggestions for future columns!

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