'Hunger Games' Target Swag Includes $999 Mockingjay Pin

Big-box retailer has a number of high-end items tied to 'Games' DVD release, including $349 Katniss leather jacket.

You've seen the movie 10 times, read all the books (more than once) and maybe even went out and tried your hand at archery lessons. But you still can't scratch that itch to really feel like you've entered the world of "The Hunger Games.".

Short of starting a version in your own cul de sac (MTV does not endorse any real-life "Hunger Games" competitions), the next best thing might be available at your local Target. Ok, maybe not the next best thing, but something anyway. Something pretty pricey, as it turns out.

In celebration of the DVD/Blu-Ray release of "Hunger Games" on August 21, the bargain-conscious big-box retailer is offering a line of limited-edition, high-priced "Games" swag aimed at true superfans.

Among the platinum-level curios you'll find are a solid 14K gold Mockingjay pin like the one star Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss sports in the movie, for $999. Maybe a lithograph signed by 10 of the movie's actors is more your speed. That keepsake, with the John Hancocks of Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, will only set you back $699.

If those feel too rich, there's always the $349 replica of Katniss' leather jacket. But, you'll have to be swift, because there are only 100 of each of those items available for purchase! (The pin won't be available until August 20, but the others will go on sale on Target's website beginning on August 18.)

Because it is Target, there will also be some low-dough some gear available, including picture frames, dolls, bookends, ear buds, backpacks, pillow cases, jewelry and cardboard cutout figures in the $6.99-$34.99 range.