Casey Veggies Wants A 'Nice Girl' With A 'Sexy' Side

'We can definitely go to the movies,' the gentlemanly Roc Nation MC reveals on our latest edition of 'First Date.'

It's not a word I use often, but "kind" is a term I'd use more than any other to describe Casey Veggies, the California rapper I spent an afternoon strolling through Central Park with not long ago.

Having seen him wow an industry-heavy crowd at New York institution S.O.B.'s in back in April, I already knew that I was a fan. But Casey also turned out to be soft-spoken, respectful, ever the gentleman and a great First Date.

The 19-year-old former Odd Future member dropped the critically lauded mixtape Customized Greatly Vol. 3 around the time of that sold-out New York City show, but he's also a budding entrepreneur. "Working on my brand," he said when I asked about his hobbies. "It's what I think about all the time — what I'm gonna do next, what I can do better."

In the off-chance he's not making music (or making moves!), Casey makes time to sweep a lady off her feet.

"We can definitely go to the movies, I like going to the movies," Veggies said, citing "Love and Basketball" as his favorite for a date. "After that, you never know what can happen. Something can pop off." He's just as specific about the type of girl he'd like to take out: "A real nice girl, but she still knows how to be sexy for you," he grinned. "She goes to church, she goes to school."

While he was open about most topics, Casey wasn't as upfront about his status at Jay-Z's Roc Nation, though I tried valiantly to get him to discuss a possible signing. He laughed it off and played coy — only to have it announced later that the ink had dried and he'd officially joined the team.

If his five-year plan is any indication, he'll make Hova a very proud man. "I'm gonna be rapping — like, one of the top rappers in the game," Veggies predicted. "I'm gonna be a better person, I'm gonna learn a lot. And you never know what else happens," he added. Here's hoping this nice guy finishes first.

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