Busta Rhymes Required Some 'Harassing' To Do Fat Joe Video

Kanye West, Busta, Jadakiss and Miguel came through for Joe's 'Pride N Joy' video shoot in Brooklyn.

Fat Joe takes pride in his rapper friends — even if they're threatening legal action against him.

When Joe Crack gathered Kanye West, Jadakiss, Miguel and Busta Rhymes for his "Pride N Joy" video shoot in Brooklyn last week, they let the good times roll, and even though he was pressed for time, the Dungeon Dragon kept things lighthearted on the Hype Williams set.

"I just did this video featuring Uncle Macho harassing the sh-- outta me to do this sh-- for Joe Crack, 'cause he's my brother," Busta told MTV News last month with his arm around Fat Joe's longtime manager. "They don't accept 'no' from their brother, so I had to come through."

West admittedly has a big ego, but it was Busta who was the most difficult to wrangle for the shoot. "Busta Rhymes tried to call me up to tell me he's on his way to the airport, he can't make it," Joe explained.

After laying a pretty heavy guilt trip on his friend, Joe convinced Busta to make a pit stop before he boarded his plane to an out-of-town show. "He just showed up 10 minutes later and ran in front of the camera, did his part, and ran out talking about he's gonna sue me," the Bronx, New York, spitter said.

"If I miss my plane, I'm gonna sue Joe Crack, my brother, and they gonna charter me a f---ing private [flight], because they're rich, they just try to keep it quiet," Bussa Bus barked.

With all jokes aside, Joe and his Terror Squad team made everyone on set feel at home — even Kanye, who normally avoids the gaze of news cameras. "The vibe is chill when you're working with good people. It completely sets a different tone. It's not stressful; it's real easy," Miguel said, noting Fat Joe's hospitality. "Everyone else is gonna see his reputation and his relationships, how far they go. They really brought a lot of people here to this set."

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