Jennifer Lopez Thought Flo Rida Was 'Perfect' For 'Goin' In'

'I just think that the style of the song really fit him,' J.Lo says during Wednesday's 'MTV First: Jennifer Lopez.'

Jennifer Lopez debuted her latest music video, "Goin' In," during Wednesday night's (July 25) "MTV First: Jennifer Lopez" special. After the premiere, the star talked at length about the song and the colorful visual.

The dance track is included on the "Step Up Revolution" soundtrack and features Lil Jon and Flo Rida, so we had to ask Lopez how she decided on her collaborators.

"Why Flo Rida? You know, we thought about it and [it] was like, 'Who should we get? Should we get Big Sean or Flo Rida? All these names come up," Lopez revealed to MTV News' Sway Calloway. "I just think that the style of the song really fit [Flo Rida]. It was half-dance, but half kind of hard too, you know, and I just felt like he was the perfect one."

The pop superstar and ex-"American Idol" judge — currently touring the U.S. with Enrique Iglesias in support of her "best of" set Dance Again ... The Hits — added that she actually sought out other collaborators who agreed to appear on "Goin' In." "We had a couple of people who said yes, that they would get on it, but [Flo Rida] just seemed like the perfect one," Lopez said.

For Flo, the decision to work with the "On the Floor" diva was easy. "I'm a big fan of J.Lo. Her people reached out to me. It was just an honor to get a call from J.Lo," Flo told MTV News in a recent interview. "[I'm a] big fan of her film work and her musical talent, and we did the collaboration ASAP."

The "Whistle" rapper admitted he was relieved when he heard through friends that Lopez was happy with his contribution to the beat-driven track. "When J.Lo heard the verse, immediately, even some friends that I know that know her, called me up and was just like, 'Yo, man, you killed the verse.' So I know she was pleased with it and [I'm] just happy about the whole situation," he said.