'Guy Code' Girls Talk Celeb Crushes And Joys Of WWF

Our newest 'BFFs' Melanie Iglesias and April Rose share some girl talk and wings before season two premieres tonight on MTV2.

NEW YORK — I didn't quite know what to expect from Melanie Iglesias and April Rose, better known as the girls from MTV2's "Guy Code," which happens to kick off its second season Tuesday night (July 17) at 11 p.m. ET. Sure, they're funny, very open and opinionated on the show, but would those traits ring just as true in real life?

Short answer: yes, and so much more.

Moments after meeting the stunning pair — an admittedly jarring introduction — I was warmly welcomed into the fold (a short, bespectacled new member, but a member, nonetheless). We spared no time getting into our girl talk at Lansdowne Road, a wood-lined sports bar in NYC's Hell's Kitchen that wouldn't be out of place on a dude's night out, and that was a polarity that fit the girls' personalities to a T.

For Iglesias, the time spent together on our "BFF" excursion was something of a departure from how she usually spends time with her close friends.

"We're actually pretty goofy. We just stay inside and make YouTube videos of ourselves doing stupid stuff," Iglesias admitted. "I know next week we're going to do a video of us eating chicken nuggets and who can eat the most, the fastest."

When the topic turned to men the "Guy Code" girls had lusted after, Rose grew sheepish. "John Stamos," she muttered, head in her hands, even admitting that the raven-haired sometimes Beach Boy was a reason she'd tune into "Full House" every day after school (for the record, Iglesias and I didn't understand the shame in liking him). Iglesias laughed as she admitted her childhood dream boy. "My ideal guys change from when I was little to now," she said. "I like the opposite of what I liked when I was little. ... I watched WWF [wrestling] every single Monday, Thursday, Sunday. ... I was obsessed with wrestling."

But it was more than just the theatrics that had her hooked: "I liked The Rock. You watched his thighs touch each other! I didn't even have boobs, hips, nothing, but I knew I wanted that for some reason."

We had a good laugh, as we could all relate to the embarrassment of remembering a childhood crush. Indeed, guys may have their codes, but we ladies have a secret language all our own.

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