Robert Pattinson On 'Fifty Shades Of Grey': 'I'd Lick The Pages'

'Twilight' star shares some interesting ideas for E L James' best-seller during MTV News' Comic-Con live stream.

SAN DIEGO — All this talk about "Fifty Shades of Grey" and its equally steamy forthcoming film adaptation has been leaving lots of people hot and bothered. They're hot and bothered about its "Twilight" fan-fiction origins, about which actors will play the lead roles in the movie and about everything in between.

But are they bothered enough to lick the book? Maybe so, if you ask Robert Pattinson.

When MTV News caught up with the three stars of "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" during our star-studded San Diego Comic-Con live stream Thursday (July 12), we had to get a progress report from Kristen Stewart to see if she'd had time to read the book, which she previously read from with her "Snow White and the Huntsman" castmates and later received from us as a thank-you during Sneak Peek week. Unsurprisingly, Stewart has not yet found time to read it or share it with her "Twilight" co-stars.

"That would be disgusting," Stewart said when asked about sharing "Fifty Shades," book-club style.

Pattinson on the other hand, seemed intrigued by reading the book in a group. "I'd just sit there and lick the pages," he joked, which sent Stewart and Lautner into a fit of giggles. "What are we live on?" Pattinson asked after realizing his quick quip might have come out of left field. "Is this actually happening?"

It was, indeed, happening, though we're not so sure Pattinson will follow through with the licking of the pages of E L James' steamy book.

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