'Twilight' Fans Get Surprise 'Host' Clips At Comic-Con

'Breaking Dawn' author Stephenie Meyer says 'The Host' director Andrew Niccol 'sees the world in a completely different way.'

SAN DIEGO — A panel featuring "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" should have been enough to keep people talking Thursday afternoon (July 12) at Comic-Con, but author Stephenie Meyer brought another treat for her fans: a sneak peek of "The Host" introduced in person by director Andrew Niccol.

During her introduction of the clips, Meyer said, "Andrew Niccol sees the world in a completely different way, and it is so special."

And, Niccol teased, "These are some rough scenes that we put together just to give you an idea of the world of 'The Host.' "

That might seem like a weird way to phrase an introduction to the clips based on the fact that "The Host" takes place on Earth, but the movie really does look like it's set in an entirely different world. The scenes introduced fans to the desert hideaway where much of the movie takes place, and also to the post-alien invasion setting of the story. Like in "The Hunger Games" earlier this year, there is a clear divide between the way the rebel humans live and the way those controlled by the alien race of Souls do.

The sequence of clips — which were presented partially in 3-D — opened with what will likely be one of the opening scenes from the film. The first snippet showed Saoirse Ronan as Melanie Stryder trying to evade capture by a Soul by jumping out of a high window. But, she is captured, and the second scene showed that she had been implanted with the Soul Wanderer.

There had long been a question how "The Host" film would handle the duality of Wanderer controlling her new body while Melanie rebels against it. Wanderer speaks in a different way than Melanie, so it's clear to the viewer who is in control. When Melanie tries to break out, Wanderer can hear her talking in her head, which is how they communicate. Ronan navigates the two characters with ease, and it looks like she's going to give a phenomenal performance in the movie.

An interrogation scene offers some background into Melanie's story through a series of flashbacks that show the death of her father and the start of her relationship with fellow rebel Jared, played by Max Irons. The clips then shifted to the desert hideaway, and included a scene in which some other rebels tried to kill Wanderer/Melanie while Jared tried to protect her.

But the last scene was the most interesting: It showed two surviving humans in a truck trying to evade capture by Souls who were chasing them while Jared and fellow rebel Ian, played by Jake Abel, looked on from afar. Finally, the Souls manage to corner the humans with their helicopters and futuristic police cars, and the two humans choose to commit suicide by crashing their truck into a wall instead of submitting to the aliens that have taken over the human race. If there was a way to set up the world of "The Host," that was the way to do it.

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