'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Comic-Con Panel: Five Key Moments

We learned a lot from our favorite vampires, including a scene that got cut and Robert Pattinson's costume idea for next year's Con.

SAN DIEGO — The "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" panel in Hall H just took place (the first movie panel of the week) which means 2012 San Diego Comic-Con is officially under way.

Fans have been lining up for days to check out the final "Twilight Saga" movie panel in the San Diego Convention Center, and they were duly rewarded. Summit Entertainment screened the first seven minutes of the film and an additional clip, and those in attendance finally got to see Bella Swan as a vampire.

The cast then took to the stage in full force to talk about the movie and answer fan questions. Between cute kids being adorable and the stars being bummed about doing their final "Twilight" panel, castmembers Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Mackenzie Foy and writer Stephenie Meyer dished some very interesting details about the upcoming movie.

Here are the five new things that we learned about the flick from its Comic-Con panel:

Kristen Stewart Was Born to Be a Vampire

After Bella is turned in the novel, she has a moment of realization that she was born to be a vampire. It turns out the casting directors did a better job than they knew in casting Stewart, because it's clear she was born to sparkle in the sunlight as well. "I love her. I think that she's the coolest one," Stewart said. Appropriately, being a vampire looks pretty cool as well. Director Bill Condon created a brand-new visual landscape in the "Twilight" world we're all used to.

Friendship Lasts Forever

The hunt scene was shown during the Comic-Con panel, and it looked freaking awesome, but our personal favorite moment came when Bella saw Jacob for the first time after she became a vampire. They share a cute moment when Bella realizes "you really do stink," and an awkward one where she asks why he cares so much about her daughter. But Jacob kept his cool, and for good reason: He's not in love with Bella anymore. "He's always been stressed and emotional, and in this one, he has a huge weight lifted off his shoulders," Lautner said.

Robert Pattinson Loves Superman

Pattinson should probably consider sticking around Comic-Con until Saturday's "Man of Steel" panel, since it turns out he's a big Superman fan. When a fan asked RPattz what villain he would cosplay as if he attended SDCC for fun, he paused for a moment and answered, "Zod." While the audience started laughing, Pattinson did his best impression, growling out, "Kneel! Kneel before Zod!" Move over, Michael Shannon.

The Dog-Bowl Scene Was Cut

One of the best elements of the "Breaking Dawn" novel was the way Rosalie and Jacob's relationship develops. That culminates in the infamous dog-bowl scene, when Rosalie presents Jacob with food in a dog bowl that has the name "Fido" scratched into the side. To get back at her, he threw the bowl at her head, to which she replied, "You. Got. Food. In. My. Hair." It turns out that the cast filmed the scene, but it ended up being cut from the movie (which is a total bummer). "I had to chuck the bowl at her all night long and I kept missing!" Lautner said of his co-star, Nikki Reed. "I hit the cameraman in the groin once."

Fans Are Part of the "Twilight" Family

The death of Comic-Con attendee Gisela Gagliardi has cast a somber pall over this year's convention, and Summit wanted to make sure that they honored the self-proclaimed "Twilight" fan. "Gisela will always be in our hearts and memories, and we wish her family the best during this difficult time," host Eric Moro said on the studio's behalf.

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