Lil Twist Headed 'Exactly Where Lil Wayne Is'

Justin Bieber's buddy and Young Money signee exudes charm beyond his years during his First Date with MTV News.

When I learned that "New Money" rapper Lil Twist was interested in going on a First Date, my first thought was, "Isn't he a bit young for me?" Turns out, the Young Money signee, Lil Wayne protégé and Justin Bieber BFF is definitely of (voting) age, and he's definitely versed in turning on the charm for ladies of all ages.

Perhaps part of his charisma is just how at ease he is in his own skin. "I'm a cool person to kick it with. I like to shop, I like to play games. I'm a cool little country boy," the Houston native said while we shopped at Community 54, a mixed clothing store and arcade space in New York's Lower East Side. I chose the location not only because of its sparkling New York Times write-up, but also because I thought it would be clever to take someone born in 1993 to a store that so celebrates the era in which he was born — what with a 1994 NBA Jam arcade game and Polo Bear pillowcases lining the walls.

While we celebrated the past, I also had to know what the 2011 XXL Freshman was looking forward to. Lil Twist recently released the Lex Luger-produced "Wake Up" via Twitter, which fans can only hope is a sign that his long-awaited EP, Don't Get It Twisted, is set to drop.

Then there are his plans for the not-so-immediate future: "In five years, you know what's crazy? I've seen it," he started. "I see where I see myself in five years — exactly where Lil Wayne is. He teaches me everything. He tells me to continue to go, stay consistent. And whatever he's doing right now, that's where I see myself in five years."

Lil Twist might be young, but with talk and advising like that, he's surely wise beyond his years.