'Dark Knight Rises' Preview: The Secret Behind Bane's Plan

Footage that premiered at the MTV Movie Awards is now officially available online.

You can finally clean up your DVR. The footage from "The Dark Knight Rises" that premiered during the MTV Movie Awards is officially online for us to take another look. The preview contains a lot of what is making us so excited for the final film in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, but one aspect of the clip has us especially intrigued.

A good portion of the Movie Awards preview focuses on Bane, specifically his plans for Gotham City. For those of us that have attempted to stay unspoiled, Bane's hostile takeover of the city has remained vague throughout the lead-up to release. Our understanding mostly comes down to: a) Bane is Gotham's reckoning, and b) he's not the biggest fan of the Gotham Rogues.

However, with the Movie Awards footage now online, Bane's plan, while not explicitly stated, seems a lot clearer. This is an organized, military-style takeover, similar to the kind of synchronized movement we saw on display in the wonderfully choreographed prologue. There are jet flyovers and a wall of cars blocking a tunnel entrance. At some point in the film, Bane and his army will have locked Gotham down completely, making it virtually inaccessible from the outside world.

(Spoilers ahead)

This new isolation also comes with a new rule of law. During filming, reports appeared online about a scene in a courtroom, post-takeover, where the citizens of Gotham face judgment from the new regime. This is where the title "Death by Exile" on the film's soundtrack comes from, since that is one of the possible rulings. That courtroom can be briefly seen in the Movie Awards footage, but without that extra context, it doesn't make much sense.

Establishing the setting for this film as a city under siege by an organized military force makes sense considering how Nolan has described the film in the past. People close to the film have called "The Dark Knight Rises" a David Lean-style war epic. (Think "Lawrence of Arabia," "Bridge Over the River Kwai" and "Doctor Zhivago.")

This is the kind of opposition that Batman has never faced before. He doesn't just have to bring down one villain or round up some fear-gas-enhanced escapees from Arkham. To defeat Bane, Batman's going to have to lead an all-out revolutionary assault on the terrorist forces, which is nothing at all like what we've seen from this series so far.

And that comes as both good news and bad news for those of us eager to see the film. We are now in July, which for all intents and purposes can just be referred to as "Dark Knight Rises Month," because — with all due respect to the anniversary of the birth of our nation — does anything else really matter?

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