Selena Gomez Calls Her Next Album 'My Tell-All'

'I'm going to be able to talk about things that I've never really talked about before,' Gomez tells MTV News.

Earlier this year, Selena Gomez announced that she was taking a break from music to focus on her growing film career.

Well, after six months, her own fragrance and three movies, Gomez and her band are gearing up to get back into the studio.

MTV News caught up with the actress/singer at the premiere of Katy Perry's new "Part of Me" movie, and she revealed that she even though concentrating on film has been "nice," she is ready to start recording soon.

"I have a thousand ideas," Gomez said about this being the right time to return to music. "This album is going to be the first one that I'm actually going to spend as long as I want — it can be two months, it could be a whole year before this album comes out — so I'm going to have my freedom with it. It'll be, like, my tell-all, in a way."

Even though she described the album as her "tell-all," don't expect Gomez to be revealing all the details about her relationship with boyfriend Justin Bieber.

"Just experiences," Gomez said of what she will be writing about. "I'm going to be able to talk about things that I've never really talked about before, just because the last records have been really rushed, so I'm just excited to be able to take my time with it."

And now that she has the time to spend on her fourth studio album, her follow-up to 2011's When the Sun Goes Down, Gomez is ready to take on a whole new sound. Earlier this month, she told MTV News that not only did she want to team up with friend Taylor Swift on her album, she also wants to work with different producers. So who might those producers be?

"It's not necessarily about bigness or who they are — I love Sandy Vee, he's given me my song 'Middle of Nowhere.' I love Max Martin and those kind of producers, but I also love Rock Mafia, who have given me my hits 'Naturally' and 'Love You Like a Love Song,' so I'm open to work with anybody."

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