Tyler Perry's 'Alex Cross' Trailer: Five Key Scenes

Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox feel the pain in the first trailer for the James Patterson adaptation.

Don't cross Alex Cross. Do cross the "Alex Cross" trailer.

Tyler Perry makes his debut as James Patterson's iconic detective and forensic psychologist in the first official trailer for "Alex Cross," which premiered exclusively on Amazon Tuesday (June 26). Previously played by Morgan Freeman in "Kiss the Girls" and "Along Came a Spider," Cross gets a younger makeover in the Perry-starring flick, as well as an impossibly ripped homicidal-maniac nemesis in the form of "Lost" veteran Matthew Fox.

The trailer is all kinds of bonkers, with Fox shouting out sadistic one-liners and threatening women like it's his job (in this case, it actually is) and Perry doing everything he can to hold it together while going up against one of the most ruthless psychopaths this side of Madea. Keep reading for five key scenes from the trailer!

Tyler Perry's Alex Cross

If there's one word to describe Perry's take on the sharp-minded detective, it's "smooth." The trailer introduces us to a cool and composed Alex sipping drinks with his wife; she needs some convincing to leave Detroit and join Cross on his next assignment. His proposed method of getting her to come with him? "The National Guard and a drink." You had me at "the"!

He Had to Go Back

Fox wholeheartedly embraces his inner Heath-Joker in the "Alex Cross" trailer, playing Michael "The Butcher" Sullivan, a killer who is "fascinated by pain." Cross determines that Sullivan is "ex-military, special forces, judging by his tactics." He's also an Ultimate Fighting Champion, if you can believe it, and has a thing for Doctor Cross' very pretty wife. It's an unusual new shade for the actor most commonly associated with good guys Jack Shephard and Charlie Salinger, but it'll be a fascinating transformation — or train wreck — to behold.

Feel the Burns

Just don't get too distracted by Fox's villainy. Also starring in "Alex Cross" is "Saving Private Ryan" and "Entourage" actor Edward Burns as Cross' partner, Tommy Kane. It's weird seeing Burns in a third-tier role at best; as a writer and director by trade, he tends to be somewhat choosy with his acting roles. (Ignore that "27 Dresses" credit.) So I'm calling it now: Burns is the real bad guy pulling Fox's strings. Then again, I incorrectly called Jeremy Renner as the secret "Mission: Impossible" villain and Jared Harris as a red herring for the real Moriarty in the last "Sherlock Holmes" movie, so take my predictions with a half-cup serving of salt.

Matthew Fox and the Chocolate Factory

Watch at around the two-minute mark as Fox gets his high-tech Augustus Gloop on. If you need further reasons to see "Alex Cross" when it hits theaters this October, I don't know what to tell you.

To Hell and Back Again

"He won't stop. I've seen his face. I've heard his voice," Perry's Cross warns his wife of Fox's killer. "I will meet his soul at the gates of Hell before I let him take a person that I love!" If there's a better alternate ending to "Lost" or the "Madea" films than Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox battling to the death for Satan's amusement, I haven't heard of it. The trailer's action-packed finale is, in a word, surreal, every bit as oddly enjoyable as the promise of Perry versus Fox sounds on paper. This demonic battle of the ages cannot come soon enough.

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