Katy Perry Planning Special Performance For 'Part Of Me' Premiere

Singer will perform on Hollywood Boulevard before hitting red carpet and answering your questions.

Katy Perry is finally set to close the final chapter of Teenage Dream with the release of her upcoming film, "Part of Me." The 3-D documentary follows the singer over the course of 2011 as she experiences both highs and lows in her career and personal life.

On Tuesday, June 26, Katy will be hitting the red carpet at Los Angeles' Grauman's Chinese Theatre to premiere "Part of Me," and MTV News will be there to talk to the star. But before Perry walks the carpet, she is treating fans to a special live performance on the famed Hollywood Boulevard.

We want you to get in on the action as well via Twitter, by using the @mtvnews handle and hashtag #askkaty to get your questions answered by Perry herself.

Perry's flick gives fans a rare glimpse into the life of a pop star. For those who couldn't make her California Dreams Tour, the film gives a front-row seat to her concert and shows us what life is really like on the road. Perry also shows an extremely vulnerable side in the film. We get to witness early footage of the star, showing her dealing with her parents' strictness. We also see peeks of her relationship with ex-husband Russell Brand and get an idea of her tireless work schedule.

Perry recently premiered the video for "Wide Awake," a song she wrote for the movie, during her "MTV First," and it was there that she opened up about the film, saying that even though she may be one of the biggest pop stars in the world, she deals with real issues like any other woman.

"There's some scenes that I know people will screenshot and be like, 'Oh, she looks like a fat cow with zits.' But I put those in there because that's a part of me, that's reality, and I'm OK with that now," Perry told MTV News' Sway Calloway. "It's been a process of learning it's OK, and I'm accepting of my own skin, but I think it's important for young kids to see that you don't have to be perfect in order to achieve your dreams, because I think that the world has this strange, skewed perception of successful people, that they're just so perfectly made up, and they have all these possessions that make them who they are, and that's not at all how I got here; I came from nothing. I didn't have anything."

"Katy Perry: Part of Me" hits theaters July 5.

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