Tom Cruise Just Had 'Fun' In 'Rock Of Ages'

'I'm always looking for different things to do,' Cruise says of why he wanted to play egomaniacal rock god Stacee Jaxx.

If you've seen or heard anything about this week's heavily hyped movie musical "Rock of Ages," our Friday, you're likely well aware of the fact that one of its key selling points is Tom Cruise, who not only sings but dances his way through his supporting role.

In the film, based on the Broadway play of the same name, Cruise plays the self-obsessed, egomaniacal rock god Stacee Jaxx, a role the Hollywood veteran said he enjoyed because it was such a big change from anything he's done previously.

"It was so different. I'm always looking for different things to do and to work with [director Adam] Shankman on a musical, he just really knows these musicals," Cruise said at the film's Los Angeles premiere. "And [to work with] Alec Baldwin, who I've known and admired, I have a scene with him and Paul Giamatti and Julianne [Hough] and Diego [Boneta] and Catherine Zeta-Jones — I wish I had more scenes with her, she's just a legend in the musical world. All of it was fun."

Cruise's young co-star, newcomer Boneta, had nothing but high praise about his experience working alongside the "Mission: Impossible" star.

"He's the hardest-working guy we've ever met in our lives," Boneta said, speaking for himself and co-star Julianne Hough. "He's so humble. I think that combination is something that really stuck with me. This is my first movie; this is Tom's, like, 50th movie. That is a rare and very special combination."

Boneta said he will never forget the months of preparation for the role because he got to learn guitar and jam with Cruise.

"Tom and I were taking guitar classes together because we both had to learn how to play guitar, and it was pretty surreal jamming out with Tom singing 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn,' " Boneta recalled. "He was playing the solo, and I was playing all the chords and stuff."

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