Mac Miller, Pharrell Making A 'Political Statement' On Pink Slime?

'That sounds tight. What the f--- is 'pink slime'?,' Miller said when Pharrell suggested the name for his EP.

During Mac Miller's recent visit to "RapFix Live," he dropped some hints about his upcoming EP Pink Slime. But now the cat's out of the bag as it's been revealed that Pharrell will co-pilot the project. MTV News caught up with Miller at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee, where he chatted about recording with Skateboard P and dreaming up the EP's title.

The Pittsburgh rapper released the first Pink Slime single, "Onaroll," on June 5 and performed it for the first time at Bonnaroo just a few days later. Before hitting the stage, he opened up about the collaborative project, admitting that he was nervous to record with Pharrell at first.

"Pharrell is a very creative person with everything he does," Mac said, detailing one of their recording sessions. "We did this one record called 'Dreams,' and he was like, 'I'ma rap on this.' So he goes outside for 20 minutes and he just comes back, gets in the booth and raps. I don't know what he did in those 20 minutes, but he just went out and came back in with no paper, no anything, and just had a verse ready."

As far as the name of the project, that was Pharrell's brainchild as well. "It was his idea. I was at a loss for names," Mac admits. "I was on tour and I was talking to him and he's like, 'I got the name — it's Pink Slime.' I was like, 'That sounds tight. What the f--- is "pink slime"?' He's like, 'Pink slime is the fake meat they use at McDonald's,' and I was like, 'Cool, man.' "

From there, the Blue Slide Park rapper got a little bit silly about the deeper meaning in the title. "The meaning is that there is so much filth and ammonia in the world and we're just speaking on how we need to clean up the environment," he joked. "The message is ... we pay for a Big Mac, maybe give me some good beef in there. It's really a political statement we're making."

There's no confirmed release date for Pink Slime just yet.