'Perks Of Being A Wallflower' Trailer: What's That Song?

MTV News introduces you to Imagine Dragons and their catchy tune from the film, 'It's Time.'

How perfectly engaging and intriguing is that "Perks of Being a Wallflower" trailer? We've been thinking about it and re-watching it since its debut during our 2012 MTV Movie Awards pre-show, and the one thing that we can't get out of our heads — in addition to all those great visuals and actors — is that catchy song playing in the background.

The song is "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons. For those who have yet to discover this buzzworthy band from Las Vegas, get thee to downloading more of their infectious, lighthearted tunes.

Since forming in Vegas in 2009, Imagine Dragons have had to work their way toward their recent success, a voyage that has certainly had its share of ups and downs along the way.

"I remember one gig [where] we were playing a casino in Vegas, and it was a really small stage," guitarist Wayne Sermon recalled during an interview with MTV News recently. "We played a four-hour set — we'd do those two to three times a week — and we were exhausted, and [frontman] Dan [Reynolds] passes out in the middle of the last song, falls on the drum set, the drums go everywhere, and it was horrible, but we finished the song."

"And all these drunk guys were like, 'Wooo!' " Reynolds laughed. "But it didn't hurt; I was so tired, it was sort of nice to have a little break."

The band has finally started to see the fruits of their labor, with "It's Time" climbing the charts, the debut of their music video and plans to begin work on their first full-length album. (Their Continued Silence EP is out now.) But they aren't letting any of that go to their heads.

"It's crazy. We've been a band for three years, living on the road, eating bean burritos every day, and we're still eating bean burritos every day, but it's been incredible to see the support that we've gotten," Reynolds said. "We really owe so much to our fans who, from the very beginning, have been sharing the music. And we live in a world where things can happen so quickly, and we're glad we've had three years to really prepare. ... We've been doing it for a little while, and it feels good ... and right."

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