WATCH: Russell Brand Better Keep Mark Wahlberg Out Of Movie Awards Monologue

'I hope he doesn't say nothin' smart about me, because he's going to 'unpredictably' get his ass whooped,' 'Fighter' star jokes to MTV News.

UNIVERSAL CITY, CaliforniaMark Wahlberg has a message for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards host: Crack the wrong jokes, Russell Brand, and you'd better duck.

Speaking to MTV News backstage at the taping of Spike TV's "Guys Choice Awards" on Saturday night, the man whose real-life boxing skills were on display in "The Fighter" acknowledged that the English comedian has a reputation for being unpredictable.

"I hope he does a good job," Wahlberg cautioned. "I hope he doesn't say nothin' smart about me, because he's going to 'unpredictably' get his ass whooped."

Wahlberg wore a sly grin as he delivered his beat-down promise, detailing further what might happen should Brand say something too biting from the Gibson Amphitheatre stage tonight (June 3): "I would put the worst insult of all time on him, for sure. And it's an easy thing to do, given his look."

The tongue-in-cheek rant was delivered to MTV News' own Josh Horowitz, who has been comically menaced by Wahlberg on several occasions. The pair have continued their playful banter on red carpets and at events ever since that infamous episode of "The Knife Show," which went viral.

The 40-year-old actor/producer will be one of the presenters at the Movie Awards Sunday night, which will put him in close proximity to his possible target. "No, no, he's a funny guy," Wahlberg said, letting up for a second. Then the taunts resumed: "But, you know, listen: f--- around, lay around — you know me."

An obscenities-laden rant that bobbed and weaved in and out of an English accent followed.

"Listen, I love ya, baby, but this ain't the mother------ to be f---ing with. This ain't the U.K., baby. This is where you get the ole' smack," he said. After the last two Golden Globes awards shows, at least one other British comedian developed a certain reputation for "roast"-style performances while hosting. "I hope [Brand] is a proper U.K. comic like Ricky Gervais and Steve Coogan," Wahlberg said, still mining his convincing British accent.

Wahlberg, of course, was playing all of it for laughs, frequently cracking a smile, but he did issue a further warning to Brand: stay away from the cast of his upcoming movie, "Ted." Mila Kunis, Seth McFarlane, and for some reason, the star of "Mad Men" (who isn't in "Ted") are off limits.

"Listen, I'm telling you, if he f---s with me, I'm the wrong dude to f--- with. And don't f--- with my people, either! Don't say sh-- about Mila, don't say sh-- about Seth. And don't say sh-- about Jon Hamm. I don't know him, but, I'm putting him under my wing."

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