Bam Margera Hospitalized After 100-Foot Kayak Jump

'Jackass' alum tweets a picture of himself from a hospital bed after hernia operation.

Bam Margera is a daredevil on and offscreen.

The "Jackass" alum took a 100-foot tandem kayak jump off a waterfall in Oregon with pro kayaker Steve Fisher Wednesday and lived to tell the tale. However, he did have to undergo a hernia operation Thursday as a result.

Margera tweeted a picture from his hospital bed showing him a bit out of it and hooked up to medical machines but still giving a thumbs-up to show that he's all right. Though he was originally supposed to appear at an art show in Pennsylvania on Friday night (June 1), the 32-year-old had to cancel his plans, tweeting, "Can't make it to the show tonight, in hospital still. Phil, Ape & Boof will be there. Stop by if your in WC."

It's unclear if Fisher was also injured in the fall, but we would guess that Margera would reference it if that was the case. Fisher also has a Twitter but hasn't used it in years.

This isn't the first time Margera's stunts have gotten him in trouble. Back in February, he was arrested after jumping into a pool fully clothed during Mardi Gras in New Orleans and refusing to get out. He ended up not getting a ticket because, according to him, the police didn't know what to charge him with.

"I was just swimming in a pool with all my clothes on, and I refused to get out," he told E! Online. "No ticket. They just wanted to f--- with me, drunk Mardi Gras nonsense."