Phillip Phillips 'Excited' For 'American Idol' Finale

Oddsmakers think Jessica Sanchez's chances of winning are slim.

From his no-nonsense stage attire to his humble attitude and meat-and-potatoes taste in music, "American Idol" finalist Phillip Phillips
 isn't that different from many of you.

And, like you, the guy doesn't always feel like showing up to work when he's feeling sick. But when attendance means a shot at a major-label recording contract and potential stardom, you suck it up and punch the clock even when you aren't feeling it.

With just one more performance before Wednesday night's coronation show, Phillips, 21, who has struggled with a painful case of kidney stones the entire season, is happy that the end is near.

"Yeah, I've been sick the whole show," said Phillips in a press conference on Monday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Seated next to his rival, 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez, Phillips admitted that the painful condition has affected his singing on the show at times. "I'm doing all right. It's almost over, so I'm excited."

As viewers may have noticed, Phillips has been absent from the weekly Ford video segments. A source close to the show told the magazine that the singer has been experiencing pain that is "so severe" that he's been given special permission to sit out the physically exhausting shoots.

TMZ reported last week that Phillips' doctors ordered him to undergo "immediate surgery" or face further complications. The singer said he wanted to put off the procedure to make it through the show's finale, despite the fact that the medication he's taking causes dry mouth, which has had some impact on his singing.

Citing several sources, the site reported that when Phillips returned to Georgia for his "Idol" home visit, his doctor was alarmed at the pawn shop worker's condition. Recovery from the kidney surgery would take at least six weeks.

Phillips has taken a firm stand on the surgery, but he appears to be loosening up a bit when it comes to his equally adamant rejection of "Idol"'s attempts to get him to jazz up his bland jeans and t-shirt wardrobe. He told the Reporter that he might switch things up a bit for Tuesday (May 22) night's show. "You might be intrigued," he said. "I might be looking a little sexy."

Phillips has been struggling
, but rival Sanchez has also been making some serious sacrifices. "Right now people my age are going to prom and getting ready for homecoming," she said. "I'm here performing in front of celebrities, singing with celebrities ... singing in front of millions of people."

The Chula Vista, California native, who has a chance to be the youngest "Idol" champ and the first female to win
 in five season, is happy to miss prom to get a chance to sing with original "Dreamgirls" star Jennifer Holliday on Wednesday night's two-hour finale. But Sanchez might also want to dodge the many online oddsmakers' sites if she wants to keep her hopes up for Tuesday's last singing round.

Deadline Hollywood reported that betting sites are tipping heavily in favor of Phillips, with Ireland's Intrade giving him a 78 percent chance of winning, while an "Idol"-focused wagering site puts him as the favorite with 4 to 13 odds over Jessica's 5 to 2 odds. That means that you will get a $4 profit for every $13 you bet on Phillips, while Jessica will earn a $5 profit for every $2 bet.

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