Selena Gomez's Perfume Is A Product Of Her Fans

'They're the people that are going to wear it,' she tells MTV News of why she enlisted fans to help create her first-ever fragrance.

For her first-ever fragrance, singer/actress Selena Gomez enlisted her fans to help her nail down the kind scent they wanted to spritz on themselves. It was this process that was the highlight of launching the self-titled perfume.

"The best part was the fan interaction," she told MTV News. "I was kind of nervous when the reaction of it would be because no one's ever done that, to where people could go online and help create the fragrance. But I figure they're the people that are going to wear it, so I want to see what's kind of in, I guess, now. So that was the fun part."

Their feedback mostly focused on how they wanted to use the perfume practically in their everyday lives. "They just had really good points of like, 'I can wear this to school' and then another person's like, 'Actually, after the gym, going to like a date [or] something,'" she said of their suggestions. "They came up with the weirdest tactics that made sense and I was like, 'Oh, I didn't even think of it.' They caught a lot of things. It was nice."

After some initial work on her own, Gomez took it to her fans to help her nail down the scent that's now being sold in Macy's department stores. "Well, I created the top five of them and then they helped pick out the bottom three," she said. "It's still very much me. I think it represents what I like. It's refreshing and young, but it's kind of older as well."

While the bottle is very feminine (a long, lavender-colored body with lips as a top), she added that the look is also practical. "I wanted the bottle to be tall 'cause I have a lot of fragrances and I always go to the ones that are the tallest and noticeable and pretty and delicate," she explained.

Gomez is the latest in a long list of celebrity perfume designers, joining the ranks of fellow singers like pal Taylor Swift (with Wonderstruck) and boyfriend Justin Bieber (with Someday).

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