'Dark Knight Rises' Final Trailer: Five Key Scenes

From the looks of the latest clip, the final film may be the end for not only Christopher Nolan, but for Bruce Wayne as well.

If you don't want to see the final Christopher Nolan Batman movie now, you probably haven't watched the final trailer yet.

Going in the complete opposite direction of the "Inception" BWOOONG cliché, the new "The Dark Knight Rises" trailer opts instead for near silence, broken by individual notes from a piano and mind-meltingly awesome images from the conclusion of the Dark Knight trilogy.

We've broken down the clip to analyze every ounce of goodness, so here are the five key scenes from the final "Dark Knight Rises" trailer.

Old Bruce

We previously learned that "The Dark Knight Rises" would jump forward in time eight years, and the beginning of the trailer hints that those might not have been great years for Bruce Wayne. He looks tired and beaten down, sporting some facial hair, something we haven't seen since his League of Shadows days. The second trailer clearly showed Bruce walking with a cane, so we know that time has meant more than just a new goatee for the Caped Crusader.

Who is John Blake?

Joseph Gordon Levitt's character has been mostly left a mystery, outside of his job description, a "beat cop." In the newest trailer, Blake is doing a whole lot more, but has yet to reveal what it is he's actually doing. There's even a brief exchange between him and Selina Kyle, and they seem at least familiar with each other and Bruce. But the shot that will have all the fanboys talking is one between Blake and a young boy. And as is the rule with fanboys, if an explanation isn't handed to them, they'll invent one. In the case of this shot, theories about Blake as the new Batman and the boy as Robin have already begun to show up.


So much has been made of the physical threat that Bane poses to Batman, but we haven't seen them engage in fisticuffs until the new trailer. A longer version of the shot from the first trailer, their short bout in the latest preview finally gives us a glimpse at what a Batman vs. Bane fight actually looks like, and it's brutal. Fans have speculated that this may not only be the final film for Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale, but also for Bruce Wayne, as the trailer seriously implies that Bruce will not survive the entire film.

The Cat and the Bat

Any fan of the comics knows that Selina Kyle has fun toeing the line between friend and foe, but in the trailer when she's fighting alongside Batman in one scene and riding in the Bat with him in another, her toe is firmly planted in the friend zone. If Commissioner Gordon is sidelined for most of the movie like he was in the first trailer, Batman could use a new ally who knows a thing or two about kicking some butt.

The Bat

Just to be clear, it's not a car. The Bat has made brief appearances in set photos, previous trailers and merchandising, but it isn't until the final shot of the trailer that Batman's new aerial ride gets to show off. The Bat does a barrel roll over a building, avoiding two missiles hot on its tail. This is no lame hovercraft. This thing is a full-on jet that we cannot wait to see more of.

Does the latest "Dark Knight Rises" trailer have you excited for the final film? Leave your comment below!

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