Childish Gambino Dodges Ninjas While Talking Ninja Turtles

On our First Date, we learn the five-year plan of the actor/rapper also known as Donald Glover.

I never thought I'd seek refuge in Childish Gambino.

OK, let me explain. After years of pursuing the multitalented, infinitely hilarious Donald Glover for a First Date, our stars crossed at long last, and we were able to get to know each other at Tribeca's Ninja restaurant. There, serving up our Japanese food, were men in full ninja regalia, terrifying us at every turn. Whether it was brandishing a dagger as we headed to our table, jumping in front of elevator doors as they opened, throwing down a ninja star on the table before making a dessert or slinging a yellow water balloon (yes, you read right) at us mid-meal, it made for a dining experience that required a companion willing to commiserate in all the scare tactics we came upon.

It was a fitting place to go, considering Glover is at the center of a grass-roots fan campaign to star as Donatello in the live-action remake of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie (no doubt inspired by his own crusade to nab the title role in "The Amazing Spider-Man"). Midway into the meal, he resolved that he'd make a good Donatello, as he tongue-in-cheekily bragged about his prowess in instilling fear in others. But a role as a hero in a half-shell isn't the only aspiration on his horizon.

When asked where he sees himself in five years, he said, "I hope just successful. Still doing stuff I want to do. I always wanted to just do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I never really expected rap to be anything, I don't know if I'll still be rapping, but it'd be nice to still be making music on some level."

We can't wait to see — and hear — how he'll get there.

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